Center for International Programs

Center for International Programs

The Center for International Programs provides services to all who seek a rich international, intercultural experience



Services for Study Abroad Students

Student kneeling in lavender field in France

Explore your Study Abroad Options!

The Center for International Programs can provide guidance with the following and more:

  • Study Abroad Advising / Counseling
  • Jan Term Travel Support
  • Cross-Cultural Counseling
  • Pre-Departure Workshops
  • Visa/Passport Assistance
  • Re-entry Orientation
  • Study Abroad Fairs
  • Cross-Cultural Social Activities

Services for International & Exchange Students & Professors

Mubarak Osiremiza Haruna ‘22

We're here to support our Global Gaels!

The CIP can provide guidance for the following and more:

  • 应用ing for an F-1 or J-1 Visa
  • F-1 & J-1 Student Advising 
  • J-1 Professor Advising
  • International Student Orientation
  • Working in the United States 
  • Assistance with applying for OPT & the STEM OPT Extension
  • Getting a Driver's License & 应用ing for a Social Security Number
  • Social Activities

Services for SMC Faculty & 工作人员

Saint Mary's chapel and statue of John Baptist De La Salle

We're here to support our campus community!

The Center for International Programs can provide guidance to SMC faculty and staff in the following areas and more:

  • Advising departments on compliance with immigration laws and regulations
  • Starting new degree programs
  • Preparation and filing of documentation for J-1 scholars and professors
  • Processing Travel Risk Assessment Registration & Applications
  • Advising faculty on proposing faculty-led programs